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From Mild to Wild - the Amazing Chili Shop

Buy wonderful chili products - here in the chili WEBSHOP

Buy 3 pcs Hot Sauce / BBQ Sauce = 5% DISCOUNT
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3 Good Reasons
  • Chili experts
  • Reliable supplier
  • Direct import from USA and Mexico

Kiss of Fire  (9/10)
Kiss of Fire (9/10)
10,60 EUR
Mole - Ready to use - 400 gr.
Mole - Ready to use - 400 gr.
5,203,80 EUR
Jolokia Pureé  (10/10)
Jolokia Pureé (10/10)
9,60 EUR
Guajillo - whole dried
Guajillo - whole dried
6,40 EUR
Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce  (10/10)
Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce (10/10)
14,60 EUR
Pain is Good - Hot Sauce - Sriracha  (3/10)
Pain is Good - Hot Sauce - Sriracha (3/10)
6,60 EUR

ChiliHouse is a serious shop - spreading the word about wonderful chili delikatessen - both mild and hot...
Furthermore the shop has a large range of other chili inspired products.
So take on your chili apron or colourful chili shirt... cover your table with chili napkins and chili coasters...
enjoy your chips with chili-dip or chili-salsa… while you stand in your kitchen and prepare mild and hot chili dishes...
and then you have som cheese with chili crackers and a piquante chili jam...
before you finally have your coffee together with a piece of chili chocolate...
 ChiliHouse says "Bon Appetit!"


ChiliHouse Studiestraede 40 1455 Copenhagen K Denmark Tel.: +45 3513 8020 VAT-no. DK 2974 9175